Increase Your Compensation

In these difficult economic times, agents need to constantly be on the look out for ways to increase the compensation they get from every policy they sell.  For commercial risks, the Georgia Insurance Code provides a way to get both a commission from the insurance company and a fee from the insured.  But to do so, an agent must hold a counselor’s license in addition to a property and casualty license and must obtain the consent of the insured after making certain written disclosures to the insured.  If you are interested in finding out more about how you can obtain both a commission and fee for the placement of a commercial lines policy, click here.

I am interested in hearing from agents who hold a counselor’s license about their experiences with following the requirements imposed by the Insurance Code.  Please let me and the readers of this blog who would like to increase their compensation know how difficult you have found it to follow those requirements and perhaps more importantly, what has been the reaction of your customers when approached about paying a fee for your services.