Holistic Customer Service

The July 19 issue of the Big I Advantage newsletter in the News & Views section contained an interesting article on what the author referred to as the “holistic approach” in dealing with complaints by customers.  The author, John Graham, provides an eight step approach for handling all such complaints that is intended to show the customer that you care about them and thus, further strengthen the bond between the customer and your agency in the course of resolving a situation that could easily have led to the deterioration of that bond. 

His formula for accomplishing this feat is (1) Act Immediately, (2) Show Empathy, (3) Thank the Customer for Calling the Issue to Your Attention, (4) Express the Customer’s Concern in Your Own Words, (5) Never Argue with the Customer, (6) Make Sure There isn’t Something Else Bothering the Customer, (7) Offer a Solution Now, and most importantly, (8) Follow Up Afterward.  This approach will take time and patience, but it will most likely pay off in the long run with a satisfied customer who will tell others about his or her positive experience with your agency in resolving their problem.  For more information on the “holistic approach” see Mr. Graham’s article on the website for IA Magazine.