Georgia’s YAC Does It Again

First the Big I’s education program and now the Georgia Young Agents Committee has come away from the IIABA’s Fall Leadership Conference with a prestigious award.  As with the education program, Georgia’s YAC was given the highest honor possible by being named the 2012 Outstanding Young Agents Committee of the Year.  Georgia’s YAC has a long history of winning IIABA awards and just last year won the Outstanding Young Agents Meeting award.

Congratulations go to Ash Smith, who was the chair of YAC during the time period covered by the award, as well as to Brooks Zeigler, the Vice Chair, and Kelli Dean, the Secretary-Treasurer, during that time, and the other members of the board of directors and committee chairs.  The future of the Big I is in good hands with these outstanding young agents and its strong Young Agents Committee in general.