Fall Conference – What You Missed

The IIAG’s annual Fall Conference was held in Macon last Thursday and Friday at the Macon Centreplex conference center, which calls itself “Georgia’s largest entertainment facility and convention center outside of Metro Atlanta.”  Having made the long walk from the adjacent Marriott Hotel to the IIAG meeting rooms on more than one occasion, I tend to believe that statement.  It’s modern ambience was enhanced by the presence of the Trusted Choice Chopper, which was built by Paul Teutuls, Sr., and featured on the September 17 episode of the show American Chopper

There were programs on Digital Marketing, E&O Risk Management, and Frequently Asked Questions by insurance agents, the latter of which was presented by me.  By not attending the conference, agents missed out on hearing about the IIAG’s new “Agents Go Digital” program that offers website and social media marketing services for member agencies, receiving a discount on the premiums for their E&O insurance through IIAG, and receiving a copy of the new booklet that I have created for agents that provides answers to 26 questions about the creation and operation of independent insurance agencies.   The booklet addresses everything from what type of entity should be used to conduct an insurance agency business to the handling of insurance certificates to the various ways in which agents can be compensated for the services they perform.

For those of you who did not attend my presentation in Macon, the booklet can be found in pdf format on the IIAG website by clicking on the link “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Booklet” at the top of the web page that discusses the Free Legal Service Program that I provide for IIAG members.  That web page can be reached if you click here.  You must be a member of IIAG to access that booklet.  I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you might have about the booklet, as I want it to be relevant to the members and the issues they face in their daily business activities.  I hope to create an expanded and updated version of the booklet next year, so your feed back is important.


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