Congratulations to J. Smith Lanier & Co.

A belated well done is due to J. Smith Lanier & Co. for its ranking among the top 5 midsize companies to work for in Georgia.  This ranking was done by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the results were published in its April 28, 2013 edition.  Hundreds of companies were nominated and the final rankings were based on surveys of the employees of the companies that had been selected from those nominations and agreed to participate in the surveys.   A total of 100 companies in three categories (large, midsize, and small) were recognized by the AJC as being the best places to work in Georgia.

J. Smith Lanier & Co. was the only insurance agency that made it into the AJC’s rankings and there were no insurance companies in the top 100 workplaces.  However, Infinity Insurance Company did receive an honorable mention.  In addition to being ranked the 4th best midsize company to work for, J. Smith Lanier was recognized as the top company of all 100 when it came to ethics.  An employee was quoted as saying, “This company has always stood for the highest values and ethical treatment of clients and vendors.”  This is high praise for an agency that has been around for over 140 years. 

In the same section of the AJC that featured the top 100 places to work in Georgia, there was a ranking of 200 jobs from best to worst that had been compiled by  The criteria used to rank those jobs included the physical and emotional environment, income growth potential, employment outlook, and level of stress of each job.  To my surprise, the top rated job was that of actuary.  Insurance agent was ranked number 78, so it appears the insurance industry is a good place to find a job.  Unfortunately for the AJC, the lowest ranked job was that of newspaper reporter.  (Click here for more information on the job rankings.)  In case you were wondering, attorney was ranked number 117, right below funeral director and above ironworker.