Insurance Commissioner Makes It Official and Helpful Checklist

As has previously been reported in the IIAG newsletter, the requirement that the workers compensation Form WC-10 be notarized has been eliminated by the State Board of Worker’s Compensation and a new Form WC-10 adopted, effective on May 1, 2013. (Click here for my post on the problems presented by the notarization requirement.)  Today, the Insurance Commissioner issued a Bulletin acknowledging that fact and formally withdrawing its Bulletin from late 2012 in which the use of the new form with the notarization requirement was mandated.  The latest Bulletin states that either version of the Form WC-10 can be used and “should be recognized by the carriers at audit.” (Click here to see a copy of the Bulletin and a link to the new WC-10 form.) 

I recently came across a checklist for reducing worker’s compensation costs that has been developed by Integrity Insurance.  It’s a simple two page form that an agent could adapt for their own use in dealing with their existing or potential workers compensation customers.  Providing such customers with such a checklist can be a value added service for agents, especially since the form encourages the use of an independent insurance agent to assist the customer with evaluating the factors and implementing the suggested actions identified in the checklist.  (Click here for a copy of the checklist.)