Georgia’s YAC Wins More Awards

Last week I wrote about the award won by the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia at this month’s Education Convocation of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America.  Not to be outdone, IIAG’s Young Agents Committee continued its streak of award-winning at this month’s IIABA Young Agents Leadership Institute.  Georgia’s YAC has won at least one national award every year since I began writing this blog and probably for some time before.

Last year, the YAC was given two awards at the same meeting (click here to read my post about them) and this year it also received two awards, although one was for an individual.  After a one year break, Georgia’s YAC received the Outstanding Young Agents Committee of the Year award again and for the first time that I am aware a member of YAC received the Young Agent of the Year award.   That award went to Kelli Dean, who served as the Chair of YAC during the time period covered by it.  Ms. Dean was recognized for “providing exemplary service to her association community and the industry.”  (Click here to read about the other awards given at the Young Agents Leadership Institute.)

In addition to Ms. Dean, congratulations for the latest Outstanding Young Agents Committee of the Year award go to Jarrett Bridges, the Vice Chair, and Robbie Moore, the Secretary-Treasurer, during the time period covered by it, and the other members of the board of directors and committee chairs during that time period.  After so many awards over the past few years, it now goes without saying that the future of the Big I is in good hands with these outstanding young agents and its strong Young Agents Committee in general.



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  1. Mark…..thank you so much for writing about the Young Agents Committee of Georgia….we appreciate the supportive comments! We truly do have an amazing committee….I hope more young agents throughout Georgia will see that and choose to be a part of this energetic, career enhancing organization. Hope to see you soon!

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