Georgia’s YAC – Another Great Year

Last week, I took the time to listen to a webinar involving Georgia’s Young Agents Committee.  The Immediate Past Chair, Kelli Dean, the Chair, Jarrett Bridges, the Vice Chair, Robbie Moore, and the Secretary-Treasurer, Jimbo Floyd, participated in the webinar, which was broadcast nationwide by the IIABA.  They described all the activities of Georgia’s YAC during 2014 that lead to it being named the Outstanding Young Agent’s Committee of the year during the Young Agents Leadership Institute at the IIABA Fall Conference last September. (Click here for my blog post about the award.)

In the 2013-2014 year, the Georgia YAC departed from precedent and used an overnight retreat of its board members to set their goals for that year, instead of having the Chair determine them.  This lead to increased “buy-in” by the board members for those goals, which was evidenced by the fact that every one of them was not only achieved, but surpassed.  The Board decided to focus on three areas, raising awareness of InsurPac, increasing their registered membership by 35%, and increasing attendance at the annual Sales and Leadership Conference by 10%.

Using the slogan “Commit to the I”, the committee encouraged its members to sign up for a recurring monthly contribution to InsurPac, instead of a one time contribution, and was able to get 24 members to do so.  Those members, along with others who contributed, including 100% of the Board members, enabled Georgia’s YAC to surpass its annual goal for InsurPac by over 70% within the first 45 days of 2014.  They had similar success with increasing the registered membership.  Sixty-five new members were added for an increase of 59%.  They weren’t quite as successful with attendance at the Sale and Leadership Conference, but 15 first time attendees were among the 102 agents and company partners who did come.

The key to the committee’s success was focusing on creating relationships among the Board members, in particular, and the membership in general.  They did not look at each other as competitors, but as friends working to achieve a common goal, while having fun.  As they have done in the past, the committee made extensive use of social media to communicate with their members and encourage participation in their events.  If you are interested in the details on how this was done, click here for a link to the webinar. (It’s toward the bottom of the page.)

As I said in my post back in September, the future of the Big I is in good hands with these outstanding young agents and its strong Young Agents Committee in general.