UGA Risk Management Program Ranked #1

I have always heard how well-regarded the University of Georgia’s risk management program is.  That it is not just talk by UGA boosters and graduates of the program has been confirmed by U.S. News & World Reports.  Its latest rankings of the top undergraduate programs in insurance and risk management have UGA’s Terry College Risk Management-Insurance Program as the number 1 such program in the country.  According to the College’s website, it is also the largest such program in the country.  In attaining this ranking, UGA beat out such outstanding schools as the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, the University of Wisconsin, Temple, and New York University.

The most surprising college in the top 10, at least to me, was Georgia State University.  It’s Department of Risk Management and Insurance was ranked number 5 in the country.  According to the Department’s website, this is nothing new for Georgia State, as it has been ranked in the top 10 undergraduate insurance and risk management programs every year since 1999.  One reason for that consistency is the existence of two research centers on campus: the Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research and the Center for Economic Analysis.  Their existence has led to Georgia State having one of the largest full-time research faculties in the world for the study of insurance issues.

With these two highly rated insurance and risk management undergraduate programs, Georgia agencies should have a steady stream of qualified candidates to fill positions for years to come.  However, according to the most recent Best Practices Study done by Reagan Consulting, while having a regular presence on college campuses and providing internships to prospective employees were very important predictors of a successful producer hire, having a degree in risk management turned out to be not so important.  I tend to think that, if the study focused on just graduates from the insurance and risk management programs at UGA and GSU, the results would be quite different.  For a complete analysis of the best practices for producer recruitment and development click here for the report released last Fall by Reagan Consulting.



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  1. Mark, thanks so much for your artile on UGA Risk Managment Program Ranked #1. Can you elaborate on the last paragraph of your article that if the study focused on UGA and GSU graduates the results might be different? Thanks, Tony

    1. Sorry to take so long to reply to your comment, but it has been a hectic past couple of weeks. Since not all risk management programs are equally effective in teaching their students what they need to know to be successful in the insurance industry, it makes sense to me that students who graduate from top ranked programs are more likely to be successful as producers because they received better instruction on the underlying principles of insurance and risk management. While having a “sales personality” is very helpful, it will only take a producer so far. To deliver added value for a customer, which is what differentiates successful producers from those who are not so successful, a producer must have a thorough understanding of the risks faced by his or her customers and how the various insurance coverages available can be used to mitigate those risks. Although such knowledge can be obtained outside of a college program through the many certification programs available, a producer who already has that knowledge when they start out will have a better chance of success than one who has to take the time to “learn on the job”, so to speak.

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