Is Blogging For You?

According to most of the commentary I see on what agents and agencies should be doing to better market themselves and the services they offer, creating and maintaining a blog for your website is almost mandatory.  That was the advice I received from the consultant I hired a few years ago to help me with the marketing of my law practice.  Like many people, I lacked confidence in my technical ability to create a blog and I wondered how I would be able to continually come up with topics of interest for those persons who I wanted to reach with my blog.

Almost four years later, this will be the 190th blog post I have written.  The creation of my blog proved to be the easy part.  There are many good programs available that make that step doable for anyone who can follow directions.  Believe me, if I could do it, most anyone can.

Continually coming up with topics to write about has proven to be far more difficult.  But, as noted in a recent article on Property Casualty 360, one way to do that is to focus on topics that will be of interest to the people you are trying to reach.  The author of that article discusses this and nine other tips for writing a successful insurance agency blog.

One of those other tips is not to focus your blog posts on the sale of insurance.  Instead, as suggested in an article in IA Magazine at the end of last year, your posts should aim to explain potential risks or other problems likely to be faced by your target audience and how insurance can be used to help mitigate those risks or solve those problems.  Such posts can then be followed by what this author and others refer to as “a call to action”, which asks your reader to do something that can give you their contact information for later marketing efforts. Click here for another article that provides more technical ideas on how to get such contract information by the use of blog posts.  That article was written for attorneys, but the suggestions made apply to any blog.

I have enjoyed writing posts for this blog and have received some compliments, as well as some business opportunities, as a result of things I have written.  The same thing can be true for any insurance agent or agency who is willing to devote the time and attention necessary to create and maintain a blog.  If the commentators are correct, having a blog will soon be an essential part of every agent and agency’s marketing plan, so now is as good a time as any to get started.





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