Georgia Does Well at IIABA Legislative Conference

The state of Georgia was well represented in the awards handed out at the recently completed Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association’s annual Legislative Conference.  The old reliable when it comes to awards, Georgia’s Young Agents Committee, walked away with the first ever InsurPac Catalyst Award.   This is a new award that recognizes a state Young Agents Committee that shows great progress in InsurPac innovation and participation.  

Georgia’s YAC won the award due to its efforts that resulted in increased contributions from prior donors, a significant increase in new donors, and most notably, its introduction of the concept of making a monthly recurring contribution to InsurPac, instead of a one time donation.  My local public radio station, which just completed its Spring fund drive, introduced this concept a few years ago and it has allowed the station to significantly shorten the length of its fund drives.  This approach allows for the splitting up of a contribution amount that may be too large to make at one time into smaller monthly increments, which will continue to be paid using the donor’s credit card until the donor takes action to stop them.  Thus, there is no need to expend time and resources on soliciting contributions from such a donor year after year.  That time and those resources can be devoted to finding new donors.  I don’t know who came up with the idea of applying this concept to donations to InsurPac, but the co-chairs of Georgia YAC’s InsurPac committee, Sean Stewart and Will Argo, are to be congratulated on a job well done.

A Georgia insurance agency walked off with the prestigious Dan Fulwider Award for Community Involvement.  This award is sponsored by Trusted Choice and annually recognizes an independent insurance agency for outstanding community involvement. This year’s award went to Snellings Walters Insurance Agency in Dunwoody, Georgia for its work with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides fundraiser event.  It is a 5K walk held each year in which teams raise money for their participants.  Snellings Walters has been the corporate sponsor for the Great Strides event in the Atlanta area for several years and through its efforts has made that event the largest such event in the nation, raising over $1.8 million last year.  This year’s goal is over $2 million.  The $2,500 that comes with the Dan Fulwider Award will go toward achieving that goal.  

Within the larger event, Snellings Walters has created an insurance industry focused group, known as Insure the Cure, which since 2011 has raised over $800,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  In accepting the award for Snellings Walters, Michael Iverson noted that all insurance agencies have people with passions who are looking for permission to release them.   In this case, it happened to be one of the agency’s owners whose daughter has cystic fibrosis.  He asked those in the audience to “Help your people release their passions. We have a great industry. We can make a big difference in so many ways, and I encourage you to do so.”