About Us

Joyner & Burnette is dedicated to effectively resolving its clients’ legal problems at a reasonable cost. Founders, John Joyner and Mark Burnette, have over 50 years of combined experience providing legal services to small business owners and individuals who need assistance with their business activities, estate planning, or estate administration. The two partners have been given the highest rating of AV by their peers in Martindale Hubbell. AV designation indicates they are recognized by their peers as having very high legal ability and ethical standards.

With a vision to provide the same quality of legal services as the largest firms in the City of Atlanta, John Joyner and Mark Burnette founded the firm in 1992 to put this vision into action. Since that time, Joyner & Burnette has provided quality “downtown law firm” legal services to numerous individuals and business owners at small town rates.

The Joyner & Burnette team works closely with clients’ financial and other advisors to ensure that its legal services are targeted to their specific needs.

For business clients, Joyner & Burnette’s services range from organization of the legal entity to conduct business activities to planning for the business’s continuation, sale, or dissolution, as well as assistance with any issues or problems that may arise in the ongoing operation of the business.

For estate planning clients, Joyner & Burnette offers experienced advice concerning how best to organize assets and ensure that those assets are distributed to beneficiaries with minimal tax impact.  Joyner & Burnette’s services range from the preparation of a simple Will to the creation of trusts and Family Limited Partnerships.

For estate administration clients, Joyner & Burnette can assist them in the performance of their duties as the executor or administrator of an estate, the conservator of the property of a minor or incompetent adult, or the trustee of a trust.


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